Fantastic article in Pianist magazine about Ruth Spencer Jolly’s new project European Unison.


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Join us for the premiere on Sunday 26th March 2017 at 6-7pm at Besbrode Pianos!


No One Knows Me Like The Piano In My Mother’s Home, You Will Show Me I Have Something Some People Call A Soul….



Read more in the Telegraph interview with Mitsuko Uchida:



European Unison – A work by Ruth Spencer Jolly

This piece tells the story of the European Union through music. It is scored for 28 pianos, each one representing one nation in the EU. The work begins with the Union’s formation post WW2 and brings us up to date, to the current period of flux as the UK negotiates its terms of exit. This piece responds to this period of shock, transition and deliberation. We envisage the completion of the work coinciding with the decisive moment at which Teresa May triggers Article 50 in March 2017.

Coming to Besbrode Pianos showroom early 2017. Watch this space!

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